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WaterArt meets Festival de Wiltz

"Esou schmaacht den Naturpark"
13.07 2019 20h00
Festival de Wiltz Dinner-Concert Weeltzer Musek

What a party we’re going to have – celebrating the first ever collaboration between the Festival de Wiltz and the WaterArt Festival, which was founded in honour of the Upper Sûre Reservoir. Under the heading “The four elements,” 100 musicians from six regional musical societies will assemble on the stage of the amphitheatre to perform a gala concert. Local associations from the Nature Park region will cater to the audience’s palate by preparing culinary delicacies from around the globe.

Genre: Dinner-Concert

Musik Gemeng Bauschelt, Philharmonie Esch-Sauer, Fanfare Concordia Eschdorf, Hareler

Scala & Kolacny Brothers

Women's Pop Choir
14.07 2019 20h30
© Geert Brams

The Belgian girls’ choir Scala is one of the most renowned choirs worldwide, selling out concert venues in Europe, the US and Asia alike. The singers’ angelic voices enchant their audience with extravagant and intimate interpretations of well-known indie, rock and pop songs, like the unforgettable, intensely beautiful acoustic version of Radiohead’s Creep, which featured in the soundtrack to the movie “The Social Network.” The choir was founded in 1996 in Aarschot by the pianists Steven and Stijn Kolacny, who still accompany the ensemble. For their first ever performance in Luxembourg, Scala &


Festival de Wiltz
18.07 2019 20h30
Morcheeba Blaze Away

British trip-hop pioneers Morcheeba have been shaping the genre since the 1990s. Over the past two decades, charismatic vocalist Skye Edwards and psychedelic guitarist Ross Godfrey have sold more than 10 million records. To the delight of their fans, Morcheeba will be performing an exclusive open air show at the Festival de Wiltz, playing their classics and debuting songs from their latest release, “Blaze Away.” The new album marks a new beginning but may at the same time be regarded as a return to their roots, the London club scene. The trend-setting sound merges elements of blues,

Losers Cirque Company

19.07 2019 20h30

The Losers are back! Two years after their fantastic festival debut, the Losers Cirque Company from Prague will return to Wiltz to present their new programme, “Kolaps.” The show is a fascinating mixture of acrobatics and dance and includes some brand-new and spectacular feats: a marvel of precision and acrobatic brilliance, seasoned with a generous pinch of humour. This year they will also bring a band to supply truly breath-taking rhythms. And you, dear audience, best bring nerves of steel to this show!

Genre: Nouveau Cirque

》35 € adults / 20 € teenagers <26 / 1,50 € Kulturpass

Kaz am Sak 4

Kaz am Sak 4
21.07 2019 16h00
Kaz am Sak 4

« Stell der vir, du klëmms do an dee Bus an da léiss de dech féieren.
Du weess zwar net wouhin, mä du léiss dech drop an...
An dann op eemol kënns de un.
Du has der alles erwaart, mais net dat do.
Du klëmms eraus a scho geet et lass.
Ween hätt dat geduecht, grad hei, an och nach  esou eppes ! »

De Kënschtlerkollektiv MASKéNADA, zesumme mat Hydre Editions an de Partner vu Coopérations an dem Festival de Wiltz, lueden de Publikum op eng kulturell Rees op symbolesch, historesch an ongewéinlech Plazen an a ronderëm Wooltz an. D’Leit kafen – scho fir déi 4. Kéier – d’Kaz am Sak, si wëssen am viraus net


"Vernissage My Heart"
21.07 2019 18h00
© Hendrik Schneider

Support Acts: Alli Neumann, Black Sea Dahu und Say Yes Dog
Bilderbuch have long established a fan base beyond the borders of their native Austria, with a musical style that defies categorization: is it indie rock, art pop, funk rock, or something completely different? It certainly falls under the heading of popular art, and it’s a delight to listen to. This spring and summer the top-selling band from Vienna will be on tour to present their latest album, “Vernissage my Heart.” Among the new songs the fans may look forward to hearing performed live at the Festival de Wiltz will be “Europa 22” –

Pit Dahm

Jazz am Hexenturm
24.07 2019 20h30
Bild: Pit Dahm

After his first release “Omicron” in 2016, Pit Dahm, drummer, multi-instrumentalist and composer from Luxembourg, has done extensive touring with his Band consisting of the trio with Charley Rose on the saxophone and Lennart Heyndels on the bass. In addition the group has played with guest such as Hendrik Lasure, Harmen Fraanje, Pol Belardi and Reinier Baas. Since 2018 the trio has grown into a quartet adding the Spanish trumpet player Natanael Ramos Garcia which brings a new voice into the fast flowing character of Pit’s compositions. Since 2018, Pit has been working on new material which

Etta Scollo

Chanson italienne
25.07 2019 20h30
© Geboren Thielsch

Sicilian singer Etta Scollo throws light on the most wonderful, but also the most tricky, of emotions: love. In her spirited and humorous performance, “Parlami d’amore” (Tell me about love), accompanied by her charming trio, she presents her audience with stories and songs about love from an Italian perspective. “Parlami d’amore” is performed in German and Italian. Etta Scollo lives in Berlin and Sicily

Etta Scollo, Gitarre & Stimme – Eva Freitag, Cello & Stimme – Cathrin Pfeiffer, Akkordeon & Stimme – Fabio Tricomi, Multiinstrumentalist
Language: IT, DE

Location: Rotes Zelt am Hexenturm/