Festival de Wiltz Dinner-Concert Weeltzer Musek
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WaterArt meets Festival de Wiltz

"Esou schmaacht den Naturpark"
13.07 2019 20h00

What a party we’re going to have – celebrating the first ever collaboration between the Festival de Wiltz and the WaterArt Festival, which was founded in honour of the Upper Sûre Reservoir. Under the heading “The four elements,” 100 musicians from six regional musical societies will assemble on the stage of the amphitheatre to perform a gala concert. Local associations from the Nature Park region will cater to the audience’s palate by preparing culinary delicacies from around the globe.

Genre: Dinner-Concert

Musik Gemeng Bauschelt, Philharmonie Esch-Sauer, Fanfare Concordia Eschdorf, Hareler Musik, Heischter Musik, Harmonie Grand-Ducale et Municipale Wiltz

Toni Scholl

Organisation: Obersauer Nature Park in cooperation with the municipalities of Esch-Sauer and Wiltz and with the regional associations
The Food Village will be open from 7pm.
Free entry!

More information about the WaterArt Festival in Insenborn: www.waterart.lu

Festival de Wiltz Dinner-Concert Weeltzer Musek